Aaron O'Connell as Wyatt Cryer and Gavin Houston as Jeffery Harrington

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Wyatt returns to the living room, where Jeffery is waiting for him. "Tell me what's going on in your head right now," Jeffery says.

"I don't feel like talking," Wyatt says.

"Do you feel like using?" Jeffery asks.

"Every damn day," Wyatt says.

Jeffery continues to ask Wyatt about his feelings and puts a hand on his knee. "You know what bothers me?" Wyatt says. "You're sitting so damned close to me. Why do you always have to sit this close? And why do you always have to touch me when you talk to me?"

"I'm sorry," Jeffery says. "I'll move away."

"Yeah, do that," Wyatt says. "Stay away."