Crystal Fox as Hanna Young and Tyler Lepley as Benny Young

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Meanwhile, the Cryers' housekeeper Hanna is sitting at her kitchen table with a stack of bills. Her son, Benny, who has just started his own towing business, comes home after a successful night. He reaches for a bill. "Mama, look at this medical bill," he says. "How we going to pay this?"

"Little by little," Hanna says. "I thank God my house is paid for. That would be stressful."

Benny looks on nervously, knowing his sister took out a mortgage on the house—a mortgage she was supposed to be paying.

Hanna hands one more unopened bill to Benny before heading off to bed. "It's pink," she says. "They're getting ready to cut something off."

Benny opens the letter. Candace has not paid the mortgage in five months.