Danielle Deadwyler

Quincy's sister, Quita, breaks into Candace's home in search for her brother's phone and other clues as to his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Candace's nosy neighbor spots Quita and calls her police officer son, Justin, to investigate.

Quita and her accomplice break in through the back door and track down Quincy's phone. Quita is distraught when she notices blood on the phone and evidence that the floor has been recently cleaned with bleach. She refuses to leave until she gets a chance to look for Quincy upstairs, but the police arrive and arrest them.

Quita explains that she's friends with Candace and was only there to visit her, but the officer does not believe her story. Jeffery arrives as the police continue to question her, and Justin orders him to go inside the house with him.
Gavin Houston and Nicholas James

Officer Justin escorts Jeffery into Candace's house after arresting Quita for breaking and entering. The officer makes himself at home and starts to bully Jeffery around once again.

He orders Jeffery to bring him a glass of wine while he waits for Candace to return home, intending to question her about the break-in. Jeffery is on edge, as Justin has made unsolicited advances toward him in the past, and he asks the cop to leave immediately.

Justin makes to go, but before he reaches the door, he lets Jeffery know that he's onto him and Candace. Justin tells Jeffery that Quita told another officer that she had no idea why Jeffery had her car—and they found blood in it. "You know what the woman across the street said?" Justin tells Jeffery. "Three men came into this house, and only two went out."

Justin makes the situation clear for Jeffery: "If I walk out that door, I'll go into investigation mode. Is that what you want?"

Jeffery, afraid of what Justin might find if he opens an investigation, submits to the officer and wearily heads to the kitchen to look for a bottle of wine.

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Shari Headley and Angela Robinson

As Veronica is being released from jail, David frantically attempts to call her and warn her about the hit man Jim hired to kill her. When Veronica doesn't answer, David calls Jennifer and tells her to stop Veronica from going home. Jennifer is angry with David after learning that he slept with Maggie instead of her, and she refuses to help him.

After hanging up on him, Jennifer takes one more opportunity to twist the knife into Veronica. Veronica's wig is missing, and she suspects that Jennifer took it in an attempt to embarrass her in front of the press. However, Veronica is not one to be easily daunted. She improvises a new hairdo and walks out of the jail with her head held high.
Nicholas James and Gavin Houston

Officer Justin questions Jeffery about Candace and why Quita was looking for her brother at Candace's house. The officer attacks Jeffery, but as they're grappling Jeffery manages to gain the upper hand, keeping Justin in a choke hold until he agrees to back down.

"Are we done playing games now, officer?" Jeffery says.

Jeffery releases him, but Justin draws his gun and aims it at Jeffery's head. "If you ever do that again, I'll blow your brains all over this wall," Justin says.

Jeffery accuses the officer of coming on to him and abusing his authority. He believes Justin is closeted and unwilling to accept the truth.

"What makes you feel like you need to live this lie?" Jeffery asks. "You're sick because you can't admit it, officer."
Kristian Kordula and Tika Sumpter

Candace is out for revenge, and she won't stop until the millions of dollars that Oscar stole from her have been repaid. After roughing up Allyah and getting her to admit her complicity with Oscar, Candace turns her attentions to Landon.

Candace fools her friend into thinking she's introducing him to a potential date. However, after she gets Landon to his hotel room, they're joined by two very large, very burly men who look like they mean business.

Candace coldly interrogates Landon, slapping him across the face and bullying him into submission.

"Are you this person?" asks a shocked Landon, who can no longer recognize the Candace he once called a friend.

Candace continues to threaten Landon, pressing him for information: "You are so pretty, but they can mess up your face so badly that your own mother won't recognize you."

Landon admits that he may have unwittingly helped Oscar fool Candace by showing her a phony link that he gave him, but not for money. He thought that Oscar was romantically interested in Candace and that he was doing a good thing by setting Candace up with a handsome, eligible bachelor.

Convinced of his sincerity, Candace shows Landon mercy.

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Crystal R. Fox and Renee Lawless

Katheryn returns home to find the house turned upside down and Hanna waiting for her in the kitchen. Hanna explains that after days of partying, Wyatt has wrecked the Cryer mansion and is freewheeling on his newly acquired inheritance.

Hanna confronts Katheryn, her onetime friend and current employer, about the hit-and-run that she and Jim covered up. Wyatt came clean to Hanna and admitted that he was the driver responsible for the death of a young girl and for nearly killing Benny as well.

Now, Hanna is ready to sever ties with Katheryn over her egregious lie. She quits her position as the Cryers' housekeeper, but Katheryn can't accept that. She pleads with Hanna to stay and explains that she was only trying to protect her son.

"Wyatt is in trouble. I need you, please," Katheryn says.

Still, Hanna won't be swayed. She asks Katheryn for her paycheck that she so desperately needs. But Katheryn has another card to play. She won't give Hanna an advance on her wages; Hanna must stay on through the end of the month if she wants to collect it.

"You have work to do," Katheryn says in parting, leaving Hanna in a state of barely contained rage.

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