Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

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Just as Candace and Jeffery are about to get rid of Quincy's corpse—after stabbing him to death in self-defense—they get an unexpected visitor who might foil their daring plan before it even begins: a police officer. Jeffery starts to panic, worrying the cop is there to investigate the altercation with Quincy.

"Snap out of it, Jeffery!" says Candace, who needs Jeffery's cooperation if they want to avoid being brought up on murder charges.

As it turns out, the cop is there on account of Candace's nosy neighbor, who has been spying on her ever since she moved in to the neighborhood. The neighbor called the police to report Quincy's illegally parked car, and now the officer has requested that Candace move the car while he waits. Candace and Jeffery must go through Quincy's blood-drenched pockets to find his car keys, and a traumatized Jeffery will have to stay calm and move Quincy's car as though it were his own—all under the watchful eye of the cop.

What could go wrong?

Watch part of this scene unfold