John Schneider

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After threatening the guard who was on duty during Wyatt's assault, Jim demands to see his son. Wyatt desperately pleads with his father to get him out of prison, but Jim tells him he's only there for a visit.

Wyatt promises his father he'll never use drugs again and won't tell the District Attorney anything further. Jim firmly takes hold of Wyatt's face and assures him that he will do everything he can get him out.

"Don't leave me," Wyatt pleads as he clings to Jim through the cell bars.

"Let go of my shirt!" Jim says before rushing out of the cellblock. Jim orders the guards out of the office, and, once alone, breaks down into tears. He was determined to maintain his resolve in front of Wyatt, but now Jim is falling apart after being faced with his son's anguish.

Later, once Jim has managed to get his son released from prison, he apologizes to Wyatt, but adds, "You needed to see what prison was really like." Jim tells Wyatt that if he had testified in court about the hit-and-run accident like he had planned, he would have ended up prison for the rest of his life.

"I know this is hard for you to believe, but this hurt me, too," Jim says.

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