Tika Sumpter

Candace brutally attacks her son's caseworker, Allyah, in an attempt to get her to confess to helping Oscar swindle her out of millions of dollars. Finally, Allyah can't take any more abuse and cracks. She admits to lying for Oscar, who paid her $25,000 for asking Candace to prove—with details from her bank account—that she could provide for Quincy Jr.

Aware that she's running out of time to pay Warlock his money, Candace lays down some ultimatums of her own. She demands that Allyah hand over the money Oscar paid her, but Allyah tells Candace she's spent it. Candace threatens Allyah's life, and the frightened caseworker promises to go to her credit union for the money. Upon hearing the idea, Candace bumps her ask up to $100,000 for good measure.

Allyah pleads with Candace, assuring her that the credit union would never give her that much money in full, but Candace doesn't care—and she isn't finished. Candace gives Allyah a nearly impossible task if she wants to stay alive: "You have six hours to get me my money and my son and a recommendation from you that I should have custody. ... And I want to know where Oscar is."

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Renee Lawless and Peter Parros

At campaign headquarters, Katheryn pays David a visit and demands to know why he isn't trying to get Jim and Veronica out of jail. David claims that he's working on a plan, but Katheryn already learned the truth from Judge Carter: David doesn't want his wife released.

Katheryn thinks he's punishing Veronica for her indiscretions, and she wants him to get past his wife's affair so they can all move on. "Get over it," Katheryn says. "We've all had them, including you, I'm sure. So, put on your big-boy pants and take care of business."

David admits that he wants her to stay in jail, but the reason isn't her infidelity. He refuses to elaborate further and, instead, turns the tables on Katheryn, probing her for information about Veronica's residence. Katheryn insists that she has no idea where Veronica lives.

After learning that Maggie Day had David released, Katheryn demands to know why she left Jim behind. Just then, Maggie arrives and explains that the situation was too contentious to afford both of their releases. Maggie warns Katheryn to distance herself as much as possible from Jim, but Katheryn refuses to turn her back on her husband.

"If no one will help him, then I will," Katheryn tells her. "I know my power. Now you need to get out of the way when I unleash it."
Shari Headley

At her office, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison calls the Cryers' lawyer to move forward with the release of Wyatt's inheritance. The lawyer is loyal to Jim and Katheryn and has repeatedly evaded her, but Jennifer has a court order and insists that he release the funds to Wyatt when he arrives.

The lawyer continues to resist, and Jennifer doesn't trust him to follow through, so she pressures him further. "If you call his mother or attempt to block this or delay this in any way, I will call the judge, and I will tell him you're attempting to tamper with the safety of a witness," she says.
Crystal Fox and Peter Parros

David arrives at the Cryer mansion, hoping to question Hanna about Benny's involvement with his wife. He claims that he's trying to protect Benny from Veronica's devious games, but Hanna doesn't believe him.

"I don't trust you and I don't like you," Hanna says. "You're a liar, and the truth ain't in you."

If David wants information, she insists that he ask Benny directly. David tells her that he already did, but Benny also refused, and told him to ask his wife.

Once Hanna is out of earshot, David makes a call to Oscar and asks him to reroute all the calls to Benny's tow yard to a different tow yard to cause trouble for Benny and get his attention.
Angela Robinson and Shari Headley

Jim and Veronica face a judge who will determine whether they can finally leave jail on bail. Unfortunately for Jim, his reputation has been publicly marred since news of the hit-and-run scandal went public, and no judge wants to associate with him, let alone do him a favor. The judge denies Jim bail, and he's forced to return to his jail cell.

Next, it's Veronica's turn to stand for her bail hearing. Trusting that her own legal savvy is better than that of any other attorney, she chooses to represent herself. When the judge questions Veronica about why she withheld information on the fatal hit-and-run, Veronica exploits a loophole of attorney-client privilege: She claims that providing the information would have incriminated her client and son, Jeffery. "Now, as an officer of the court, I was under no legal obligation to turn over that information," Veronica says.

The judge concurs, and Veronica is released on her own recognizance.

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Tyler Lepley and Peter Parros

Now that David knows the identity of his wife's lover, he's intent on confronting that man. Benny has already refused David's demands that they meet, but David has the business phone line at Benny's tow yard redirect to a different towing company, threatening Benny's bottom line.

Fighting mad, Benny storms into David's campaign headquarters.

"You decided to come see me after all," David says.

"You decided to have something done to my phones," Benny says with an edge.

David leads Benny into his office and immediately proceeds to question him about his affair with Veronica, but Benny has no interest in having that conversation. He tells David that it was Veronica who sought Benny out, not the other way around, and that he was never invested in the affair.

Before the situation escalates into something more physical, Landon bursts in to inform David that Veronica has been released from jail and is heading home—where Jim has put a hit out on her.

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