Aaron O'Connell and Gavin Houston

At the Cryer mansion, Wyatt celebrates his newfound freedom from his scheming parents, and Jeffery grows increasingly trepidatious. Wyatt fantasizes about how he'll spend his inheritance—perhaps an impromptu trip to Brazil or a fancy new car—but Jeffery knows the truth: Wyatt can't resist his drug habit when he has the means to fund it.

Wyatt thinks that Jeffery is really upset because Wyatt will never love him back. Jeffery admits, matter-of-factly, that he does indeed love Wyatt, but he doesn't believe that it's the source of the problem with their friendship.

"I don't wish that you were in love with me; I wish you loved yourself," he tells Wyatt. "If I loved you enough, you wouldn't be doing this."
Tika Sumpter and Tyler Lepley

Benny told his sister he would get rid of Quincy's body and clean up the crime scene to keep her from getting caught. When Candace returns home, she's surprised to see that Benny has buried the body in her backyard.

"Candace, the woman across the street is watching this house like a hawk," he says. "Did you know she had cameras fixed on your front door?"

Although interring the body on her property is extremely risky, it's Candace's best chance to keep from further arousing the suspicions of her nosy neighbor.

"You can get in a lot of trouble for this," Candace tells Benny.

"We both could...but we won't," Benny says.

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Crystal Fox

At the hospital, Quincy Jr.'s doctor explains to Hanna that he has lupus, an autoimmune disease, and needs to take medication to keep it in check. When Hanna asks to see him, she finds out her grandson is in the intensive care unit, but the doctor tells her that he'll be better by the next day—and that he'll stay well as long as he takes his medication on a daily basis.

Hanna worries about how she'll afford his expensive medicine, not to mention how she'll find and pay for clean accommodations that won't induce asthma attacks in Quincy Jr.
Tyler Lepley and Tika Sumpter

Benny is at his wit's end with his sister, Candace, who can't stop getting herself into serious trouble. After burying Quincy in the backyard, he tells Candace that he's washing his hands of her. Before he leaves, however, Candace tells Benny that she has a lucrative proposition for him.

"You never learn!" he says, wanting no part of Candace's new moneymaking scheme.

Pressing on, Candace tells Benny that it was Wyatt who hit him with the car, and that if he just sues Wyatt for pain and suffering, he could make millions. Realizing that the Cryers are his mother's employers, Benny asks Candace, "She knew about this?"

Benny is in disbelief that his mother would lie to him—her only son—in order to protect her deceitful employers.

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John Chaffin

Warlock shows up at Candace's house unannounced to intimidate Candace, who is quickly running out time to pay him the millions of dollars he demands.

Candace plans to raise the money by suing Wyatt for hitting Benny, but Warlock doesn't believe she'll come up with the full amount within a week. She asks for more time, but Warlock refuses, suspecting that she will flee town if she can't get the money.

Warlock threatens to kill Benny if she tries to run instead of paying up. "You know I do not make threats without following through on them," War says.
Allison McAtee and Peter Parros

After Veronica admits to having an affair, David leaves her in jail and spitefully heads straight over to Maggie Day's. Maggie, who has been dreaming of the day when she would have David all to herself, is ready and willing for the steamy session that ensues.

In the afterglow of their passion, doubts creep into David's mind, and he admits he may have made a mistake.

"I was angry, and I used you," he tells Maggie. "You deserve better than that."

"David, use me again," Maggie says without missing a beat, and she seduces her lover all over again.

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