Tika Sumpter and Jon Chaffin

Warlock finds out that Candace has been holding out on him to the tune of millions of dollars, and he wants his fair share for doing her dirty work. He drives over to Candace's house and forces his way in, demanding that she fork over the money. There's just one catch: Candace lost her fortune when Oscar swindled it from her.

"Don't say you're sorry," War tells her. He threatens to kill her if she doesn't hand over the money immediately. Still, Candace pleads that she doesn't have it. Finally, War pulls out his handgun and methodically attaches a silencer to the end of the barrel, saying, "You won't even feel it. I promise."

Then, War aims and pulls the trigger.

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Tika Sumpter and Jon Chaffin

Warlock fires off a shot near Candace's head and continues to threaten her.

"You know how this goes, Candy," War says. "I can't let you live. I have a reputation."

Candace begs for her life, doing everything she can think of to talk him out of it. She haggles with War until he finally agrees to let her live for $1.5 million. She has one week to pay him, or he'll be back for blood.

Candace still needs to get rid of Quincy's body without drawing the attention of her nosy neighbor, and asks War to help her.

"You only get one favor," War says. "One is to live for seven days, or the other is to help you with this fool."
Brett Davis and Tyler Lepley

Business is booming at Benny's tow yard, but the huge volume of work is proving to be more than a one-man job. Benny needs help immediately, so he asks his two close friends Mitch and Warlock to help him out. Although they aren't Benny's most reputable acquaintances, he trusts them. Plus, he hopes that if the trio can make the towing business a success, Mitch and War would finally have legitimate work—and might even turn over a new leaf.

Before they can focus on the business, however, Benny needs his two friends to get past the bad blood between them.

Mitch, seizing his opportunity once he and Benny are alone, levels with his friend that War is not one to be trusted. "That dude don't do nothin' for nothin'," Mitch says, adding, "Watch him."

"It's funny you say that," Benny says. "He actually said the same thing about you. ... For some reason, he don't trust you."

The men agree to disagree, but Mitch tells Benny that he'll be watching Warlock like a hawk.

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Renee Lawless

District Attorney Jennifer Sallison attempts to rattle Katheryn during an "off-the-books" conversation. Jennifer recounts the untoward behavior of Katheryn's father in the past, strongly implying that she will expose him if Katheryn refuses to distance herself from her husband.

Katheryn is unshaken by the DA's attempt to coerce her, and, instead, explains how Jennifer is in way over her head.

"What you need to understand about reputation in this town—this little town of Savannah—it's worth more than gold," Katheryn says.
Gavin Houston

After the DA arranges to have Veronica put in a cell next to David and Jim, Jim antagonizes her while David attempts to silence them both before things get out of hand.

The situation escalates when Jeffery is brought in and put in an adjacent cell. Veronica reproaches Jeffery for being arrested for a DUI, but he refuses to listen to his mother in light of all her transgressions against him and his father.

"When we get out of here, you're going to regret everything you ever did to me," Jeffery tells her.

Jeffery takes Veronica to task for having an affair, and David finally decides it's time to end his relationship with her. Then, when Veronica pushes Jim over the edge, he retaliates by revealing to Jeffery her arrangement to have Wyatt sexually assaulted in prison. Jeffery is appalled and, adding to her ever-growing list of crimes, exposes how she had Quincy released from jail.

"I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you never get out of here." Jeffery says. "You are an evil soul, and you don't deserve to see the light of day, ever."
Tika Sumpter and Tyler Lepley

Benny heads to his sister's house to confront her about where she got the money to buy two houses, one of which she gave to him. Hanna won't move in with Benny—despite being without a home and on the brink of financial ruin—until Candace comes clean about how she came by such a large sum of money. Unwilling to invite her brother inside, Candace insists upon talking outside on the doorstep.

"Give me something to bring to her," Benny says. "Candace, how did you get the money for this place and all this stuff?"

Angered by her brother's ambush, Candace tells him she's tired and isn't in the mood to talk about it. She tries to retreat into her house, but Benny pushes his way in against her will.

"I want to talk about this," he demands as Candace tries to physically obstruct him from coming inside any farther.

When he gets as far as the entranceway to the living room, however, Benny sees exactly why Candace hadn't wanted him in her house: Quincy's blood-drenched body lying lifelessly on the floor.

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