Tika Sumpter and Medina Islam

Without her partner in crime, Jeffery, Candace is left the grisly task of disposing of Quincy's body. As she steps over Quincy—whose body had lain motionless and supposedly lifeless—he suddenly reanimates, taking hold of Candace's ankle!

Quincy uses his diminishing strength to plead with Candace to call an ambulance and save his life. Astonished by his request, Candace says, "You want me to help you?"

"You remember: I love you," Quincy says, gasping for breath.

Candace says she remembers many things about their past, but that certainly isn't one of them. She launches into a litany of Quincy's monstrous behavior, including threatening their son, physically abusing Candace and even pimping her out to his friends.

"Do you really want to talk about what I remember?" Candace says.

Candace refuses to call the ambulance. Quincy tries to scare her by saying she'll be brought up on murder charges when the authorities realize he's missing.

"Nobody's going to miss your ass," Candace tells him.

"Candy, what are you doing?"

"I'm just going to sit here and wait for you to die."

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Police officer and Jeffery Harrington

After arresting Jeffery for a DUI, the police officer pulls over on the way back to the police station to frisk Jeffery and question him once again about Candace. The officer quickly becomes antagonistic toward Jeffery, harassing him and making homophobic comments. He orders him into the back of the police car, where the officer joins him. Jeffery sits motionless and horrified as the officer insinuates that he will let him go in return for sexual favors.

Just then, the dispatch officer radios in from the station to inform the officer that Jeffery is a person of interest. The officer tells her that he’ll bring Jeffery in right away, and he also requests that Quincy's car be impounded. After threatening Jeffery once more, the officer returns to the driver's seat and continues to the station.
Medina Islam

Back at Candace's house, Quincy lies dying on the floor and continues to beg Candace for this life.

"Help me. We have a son, Candace," Quincy says. "He needs me alive."

Candace is unmoved by his pleas—until Quincy explains that he has their son's medicine and that she won't be able to find it without him. Ultimately, though, Candace dismisses his threat.

"When you find your son dying, remember you let him die," Quincy says.

Candace calmly waits and watches as Quincy takes his final breath.

"Bye, Quincy," she says. "Rest in hell."
Crystal Fox and Jordan Preston Carter

Hanna's one desire is to be able to protect her grandson, Quincy Jr., by remaining his legal guardian, but since her house burned down, she's in danger of losing him to the system. Quincy Jr.'s caseworker has become aware that Hanna and her grandson have been living in a cheap hotel since they lost the house. Legally, if Hanna cannot prove that she can provide a stable home for Quincy Jr., the state will take him away and place him with his mother or in foster care.

Time is running out, and Hanna wonders how she'll be able to secure a proper home for the young boy without a job and with a hemorrhaging bank account. Benny has been trying to convince Hanna that she could solve all of her problems by simply moving in with him, but Hanna can't take that offer in good conscience. She is still suspicious of how Candace was able to amass such a large fortune that she could buy herself and her brother expensive homes in full.

To make matters worse, Quincy Jr. appears to be falling ill with a fever that has him drenched in sweat!

Was Quincy's threat to Candace about withholding his son's medication more than just a bluff?

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Aaron O'Connell

To coax Wyatt into testifying against his parents in court, District Attorney Jennifer Sallison pulls some strings so that Wyatt can access his $12 million inheritance early—if he can prove he has been successfully rehabilitated from his drug addiction. Wyatt promises the DA that he's turned over a new leaf and will provide evidence of his sobriety.

A short while later, Wyatt is visited by an old friend, Pete, who shows up at his house to make a trade: Wyatt gets forged rehab documents and a substance that will clear his system of any traces of drugs, and Pete gets his parents' credit cards.

Pete has also brought him a small bag of white powder, but Wyatt sees that he's carrying a much larger brick of the narcotic. Old habits die hard, and Wyatt demands the lot.

"Wyatt, that's 80 grand. If I don't pay the guy that gave it to me, he's going to kill me, and then he's going to kill you," the dealer says.

Already counting his chickens before they've hatched, Wyatt tells Pete not to worry. "You'll get the money. Don't you trust me?"

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Angela Robinson and Renee Lawless

Back at the jailhouse, Jennifer attempts to sow discord between the Cryers and the Harringtons by delivering something special to their jail cells: a newspaper exposing Veronica's affair.

Veronica immediately realizes that it was Maggie who sold her out in order to get to David. Katheryn is taken aback by the photo of Veronica in the arms of another man, and she questions Veronica about who he is. Veronica is very resistant and snaps at Katheryn, but eventually she promises to tell her once they have a moment alone.

Meanwhile, after Jim and David receive the newspaper, Jim realizes that Maggie is looking to prop up David in the hopes that he'll run for governor. David denies having any knowledge of Maggie's plans. Jim shows David the newspaper with the implicating photo of Veronica, and questions David’s commitment to his wife, who has betrayed him yet again.

"That's your Veronica," Jim says.