Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

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Benny visits Hanna and Quincy Jr. at the motel they've been living at since Quincy burned down Hanna's house. Once again, he urges Hanna to move in with him, but she steadfastly refuses to live in the house that Candace bought for him. Hanna orders Benny to leave, but he won't go until his mother hears him out.

"No one loves you like I do," Benny tells her. "I didn't tell you the truth because I was trying to protect you."

Hanna questions how Candace obtained millions of dollars to pay for the house as well as the tow yard. She's convinced that her daughter could only have acquired that much money so quickly through illicit means. Benny explains that he's examined the deeds and found out that the house and the tow yard were paid for in full and in cash. Hanna finally agrees to move into Benny's house with Quincy Jr., but only if Benny can get Candace to admit the whole truth about where she got the money.

"What I want to know is how much blood is on that money," Hanna says. "Until she tells me, I'm not coming to that house."