Angela Robinson and Renee Lawless

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Katheryn has had a lot of time for reflection while cooling her heels behind bars with Veronica. She begins to see patterns of anger and withdrawal in Wyatt's behavior that make her think that he may have been assaulted while he was in jail. She even begins to wonder whether Jim has been keeping some awful secret from her about Wyatt's time in prison.

Katheryn vows to learn the truth—and to make Jim pay if she finds out he let something terrible happen to Wyatt on his watch. Knowing that an investigation into what happened to Wyatt in jail could very well lead right to her doorstep, Veronica tries to convince her cellmate that she's overreacting, and tells Katheryn not to bother Jim with this trivial concern when he's already going through such a difficult time.

"Veronica, when have you ever cared about what Jim is going through?" says Katheryn, who is growing suspicious of her best friend's motives.

Did Veronica, the ever-cunning attorney, just manage to incriminate herself?

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