Peter Parros, Kristian Kordula and John Schneider

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Jim announces his bid for governor on a live television interview with journalist Dianna Whinchil. What he didn't expect was to be ambushed by Dianna and her team, who expose Jim's secret family with former maid Celine. The older of Jim and Celine's two sons, Carlos, tells Jim it's too late for an apology, having grown up in poverty his whole life without his father.

When asked what Carlos wants to let the world know about his absent father, he tells Dianna, "Jim Cryer is a rich man who let his two children grow up in squalor. He doesn't care about people, especially the poor."

The broadcast is cut short when Maggie breaks the equipment, claiming that Dianna's journalism is nothing more than tabloid television.

The hatchet job interview puts Jim's campaign in jeopardy, and animosity intensifies between him and Veronica. When Jim asks Veronica to leave the campaign headquarters, she admits to arranging Wyatt's assault in prison. Having finally pushed Jim too far, he lunges at Veronica, requiring David to force Jim off his wife.

"I did it. You couldn't keep him in line so I showed him what it was really like in there," she says to Jim before leaving the group in a state of turmoil.