Medina Islam

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Quita is angry that Benny took Quincy Jr. from her brother's home—where the boy was being abused—and tells Quincy he needs to get his son back. She urges Quincy to use any means necessary in seeking retribution against Benny and Candace.

A police officer knocks on the door, interrupting Quita and Quincy as they plot a way to get the boy back. The officer is there investigating the abuse of Quincy Jr., but Quita says she doesn't know anything about it and lies to the cop by telling her that Quincy isn't home. The officer mentions that Quincy Jr. is in County Hospital before asking Quita to get in contact with child welfare for further inquiry.

Now that Quita and Quincy know where Quincy Jr. is, their scheme to get him back starts to take shape. Before Quincy leaves to get his son, Quita reminds him, "Take no prisoners, like we used to do, back in the day."