Tyler Lepley

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Candace is fighting for custody of her son, Quincy Jr., after finding out that her mother tried having him taken away by the authorities by claiming Candace was unfit to care for him. To ensure her son stays under her guardianship, Candace buys a house to prove to social services that she can provide a stable home for her son.

Benny visits Candace at her new house, but he's suspicious of his sister's ability to afford the place on her own. He suspects her new, well-off friend, Oscar, has something to do with this newfound wealth. Yet Candace maintains that Oscar is just a friend.

Candace thanks her brother for rescuing Quincy Jr. from the boy's abusive father. Still, while Benny is happy to be there for his family, he's not convinced that Candace should get custody of her son. He reminds Candace of the risky and dishonest situations she's found herself in at times, and lets her know he doesn't feel good lying for her.

"Sometimes, you have to do things to protect the people you love," Candace tells her brother, before asking Benny to put his neck on the line for her one more time.