Crystal Fox

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According to the social worker handling Quincy Jr.'s case, if Candace's real-estate and work references corroborate that she can provide a stable home for and financially support her son, she'll get custody of her child, meaning that Hanna will lose contact with her grandson. The social worker calls Hanna, off-the-record, to let her know that the company Candace claims to work for doesn't recognize her as an employee. Hanna hopes this news means that she might still have a chance at providing Quincy Jr. with the home he needs, but until the case is closed, he'll have to stay in foster care.

Hanna doesn't like to ask favors of her Mrs. Cryer, but keeping Quincy Jr. safe is her utmost priority. In order to expedite the case, Hanna asks Mrs. Cryer if she could pull some strings in her favor and gives her employer the name of the judge assigned to the case.

"I just want this baby to be safe. Am I wrong?" Hanna asks Mrs. Cryer, who assures Hanna that she's doing the right thing and agrees to help keep the child out of Candace's hands, adding, "Any time I get a chance to stick it to your daughter, I will."