Medina Islam and Gavin Houston

Quincy continues to pummel Jeffery, mercilessly wielding a set of brass knuckles, until Jeffery finally gives up, begging Quincy to stop. The ex-con informs his victim that he doesn't care about Veronica's orders—he's willing to kill her son if he doesn't get the information he wants about Candace. Jeffery appears to submit, telling Quincy that Candace is at a hotel. When Quincy asks for the name, however, Jeffery tells him the wrong one.

Quincy says he wants to believe Jeffery, but he plans on taking him along to the hotel in case it's a lie. Then, as Quincy turns and crosses to the door, Jeffery grabs a bottle, smashes it over Quincy's head and shoves his attacker out the door. Bewildered in the hallway, Quincy calls through the door that he has Jeffery's phone and that all he has to do is wait him out.

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Renee Lawless and Crystal Fox

On the way back from the Sarandon Hotel, Benny asks Hanna to explain what she meant about Candace arguing for him in court. Hanna admits that Benny's father, Tony, had wanted to take Benny off life support when he was in a coma, and sued her for the right to do it. When Benny presses for more information, however, Hanna only says that Tony didn't want his son to be a vegetable, protecting Benny from the darker truth.

They arrive home to find Katheryn on Hanna's front porch, looking for some company. Benny and Hanna take her inside, and Hanna makes her some tea. Katheryn explains that she doesn't have any friends to lean on in her moment of grief, not even Veronica.

"She's just one of those people who's friendly because it's good for her image," Katheryn says. "But if I were in a battle, she's not someone I would call."

Hanna says she can help Katheryn with whatever she needs.

"You got me," Hanna assures her. "I'm right here."
Allison McAtee and Peter Parros

David arrives at the Sarandon to meet Maggie, who informs him that Candace is in the bar. David walks in and takes a seat opposite her.

"I guess you've heard about what happened to Amanda," he says.

Candace says she did, and informs him that she's going by the Cryers' the next morning to pay her respects. David tells her that it wouldn't be a very good idea for her to show up—Jim is hurting, he says, and her appearance would "wake the dog." Candace tells David she isn't afraid of Jim, but David corrects her. He was referring to himself. Candace laughs at this.

"Unlike Jim, I'm not ruled by my emotions," David says.

He assures her that if she tries to hurt his friends, he'll come after her. Candace isn't impressed and bids David good night.
Renee Lawless

Katheryn comes home to find Jim drinking in the front room. His guilt is overwhelming him, and he apologizes for all he put the family through. He begins talking about how much he loved Amanda and how he cried for joy the day she was born.

"What I remember," Katheryn says slowly, "is being rushed to the hospital by my father, and my uncle went to look for you. You said you were working on a case, but you were with Celine. You cried because my father threatened you within an inch of your life."

Jim says he didn't know she knew that. He begins to break down again and asks why he keeps cheating, but Katheryn isn't moved. She dresses him down for taking no responsibility for his actions and then comforting himself with a pity party. She advises him to spend the night alone with his wretched self and goes upstairs.

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Back at Jeffery's apartment, Jeffery cleans himself up and goes to listen at the door. Slowly, he unlatches the chain, unbolts the lock and inches the door open only to find the hall empty. Quincy is gone.
Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

Hanna and Benny are leaving for work, but Hanna insists on taking the bus. When Benny voices his aggravation that Hanna won't take the car he bought her, she asks whether Candace is the one who really bought it. Benny tries to convince her the transaction was on the level and pulls out his phone to prove it. He calls Erica, the former owner of the car, and puts her on speakerphone.

"I just wanted to make sure you didn't want the car back," he says.

No, she says, it's all his. Reluctantly, Hanna accepts the gift and gets in the car.
Tika Sumpter and Allison McAtee

Maggie greets David in the morning at the Sarandon, and he informs her that his talk with Candace was unsuccessful. Maggie offers to give it a shot and pays Candace a visit in her room. Maggie tells her that she has a lot of connections and is willing to give her what she wants in exchange for her calling off her visit to the Cryer mansion.

Candace isn't interested. As Candace escorts Maggie to the door, though, she stops short.

"Who do you know at Morris, Bennam and Braket?" Candace says. She needs an interview at the prestigious law firm.

Maggie admits that she doesn't know anyone, but she insists that she can still get information. Candace says if Maggie can secure her an interview for an attorney position, she won't go to the Cryers'.

Back in the hall, Maggie informs David of Candace's deal. David comments that Candace isn't even a lawyer yet, but he says he'll make some calls to his contacts at the firm.

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Alone in his room, Wyatt wakes from a violent nightmare. He gets up and makes his way to Amanda's room, which is still covered in her blood. Shedding a few tears, he sits on her bed, pulls out his phone and calls the office of District Attorney Jennifer Sallison. He asks the DA to come by the house to talk about the hit-and-run.

"I'll tell you everything," he says.