Steep Your Soul: The Watchful Guardians of Apricot Lane Farms

Season 5 Episode 525
CC | tv-pg
On the pastures of Apricot Lane Farms, a flock of sheep roams the land. As the adults graze and the lambs frolic, other creatures keep a watchful eye over the contented group. Meet "the guardians."

The Great Pyrenees almost blend in with the sheep they protect, but the dogs' instinct to keep their flock safe clearly stands out. In this Super Soul Short by filmmaker John Chester, he offers a glimpse into the dynamic relationship among the farm's animals.

"Here, we work them in teams of two," John says of the Great Pyrenees. "They're not trained by us to do this work. We rely on a simple process where the older dog unlocks the potential of the young guardian."

Watch as the guardians do the work they were born to do, and hear what John believes this relationship tells us about the deeper objective that applies to all living things.

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