Steep Your Soul: What Brings Peace and Inspiration to Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson

Season 5 Episode 526
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Together with author, director and screenwriter Tracey Jackson, songwriting legend and recovering addict Paul Williams has co-written a book called Gratitude and Trust about freeing oneself from negative patterns. Paul's remarkable story of recovery served as the inspiration for the book, but when it comes to songwriting, Paul finds his inspiration in another familiar source: music.

"I listen to everything from the Great American Songbook to Bruno Mars," he says. "I get to come shoulder to shoulder with some amazing music. But what happens when I listen to music is that ... I want to write."

As for Tracey, there's always one simple thing she must do before she can even begin to think about what she hopes to accomplish in a given day. Watch the above video as she describes the first thing on her mind each morning and how she gets centered before starting the day.

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