Mahisha to Pam: "You Have to Shift How You're Currently Doing Business"

Season 1 Episode 108
CC | tv-14
Mahisha wants to help Pam Williams, owner of Aunt Emma's Popcorn, bring her product into the mainstream. There's one problem, though: Pam makes all the popcorn by hand—all by herself. Mahisha tells Pam and her investors that they need to change the way they do business and secure a co-packer who can produce exponentially more product than Pam can by herself.

After meeting a prospective co-packer, Pam is brought to tears when he tells her that his business has the ability to produce thousands of bags of popcorn a day. Now that she understands how much production she is truly sacrificing, Pam agrees to hand over her recipes in hopes of finally landing Aunt Emma's Popcorn in a national store.

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