Mahisha to an Emotional Christy and Rebecca: "You Have to Evolve or You Will Dissolve"

Season 1 Episode 106
CC | tv-14
As two-time winners of Cupcake Wars, Christy and Rebecca Grammer could hardly keep up with the demand at their successful cupcake store, Suite 106 Cupcakery. Business was booming—until the cupcake bubble burst and the fad quickly faded from the dessert zeitgeist, dropping their production from 1,500 to 300 cupcakes per day. Now, struggling with high overhead and few prospects for improvement, the sisters are forced to close their doors.

Here, Mahisha arrives as they pack up their final boxes and say goodbye to their family-owned store. Although they're clearly despondent, Mahisha urges the sisters to understand that "you have to evolve or you will dissolve," and to think of this an opportunity to hit the reset button.

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