How the Stars Aligned at the Exact Moment Steve Harvey Almost Quit Comedy

Season 6 Episode 605
Aired on 09/02/2017 | CC tv-pg
After three years of homelessness, Steve Harvey had reached his breaking point in his pursuit of comedy. Feeling he'd reached rock bottom, Steve planned to use his last $35 to get out of Florida and go back home to be with his family. But in that moment, a phone message changed everything.

Chuck Sutton from Showtime at the Apollo left a message for Steve asking him to perform at the famous venue in three days' time. Steve was excited for a split second, then reality set in. "I got $35, man. I don't have enough to make it to New York," he remembers thinking. "There's no way."

Then, another miracle occurred. Watch as Steve explains how divine intervention came to his rescue and how he was indeed able to make it to the Apollo Theater for the fateful performance that kicked off his successful career.

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