Vakhara Finds Her Voice in Her Toxic Marriage

Season 4 Episode 426
Aired on 11/04/2017 | CC tv-14
For many of the 19 years they've been together, Vakhara and Lamar have had a toxic relationship. Between his infidelity and her nonconfrontational nature, the tension has been building—and it has finally boiled over.

After Lamar announces that he's leaving the set of Iyanla: Fix My Life without finishing the process, Iyanla supports Vakhara in finally saying her piece to her husband. "You let me down," Vakhara says. "You're just walking out when things get heated or difficult. I also feel that when we were in the last session you completely disrespected me and humiliated me, and that's not okay."

Empowered, Vakhara then expresses her choice for the future of her marriage. "I can't allow you to continue to disrespect me," she says to Lamar. "My choice is that we cannot continue this marriage. Period."