Iyanla's Advice for How Nonconfrontational People Can Stand Up for Themselves

Season 4 Episode 425
Aired on 10/28/2017 | CC tv-14
Vakhara admits to always taking a nonconfrontational approach whenever her husband, Lamar, disrespects her. Iyanla has said that Vakhara has martyr syndrome, unhealthily making other people's feelings more important than her own, and the life coach suggests that Vakhara reframe the word "confrontation" in an effort to help her get comfortable with standing up for herself.

"Let's change the word: care-frontation, not confrontation. [Meaning,] I care enough about myself and my needs to let you know what is and isn't acceptable," Iyanla tells her. "Otherwise, you teach yourself that your needs are not important. And they are. And you are the strongest advocate you have."

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