A Husband's Insult to His Wife Sparks Tension

Season 4 Episode 425
Aired on 10/28/2017 | CC
In order to help three couples work through the fallout of their failing marriages, Iyanla talks to the group about the importance of owning up to negative behavioral patterns. To this end, the life coach has each person randomly draw cards that feature symptoms of so many ailing marriages, like indifference and pettiness. Most guests see how their marital missteps relate to their cards, but Lamar would rather walk away from the process than participate.

After stating that he doesn't want to be there—"I've got something else to do," he says flatly—Lamar matter-of-factly declares that, regardless, he and his wife, Vakhara, will still get their relationship back on track. "Oh, we're going to heal," he says. "I'm her pastor."

Lamar is less than convincing, and tensions in the room immediately escalate. "I take that as an insult and as a joke, and it's embarrassing me that that's how you feel," Vakhara tells him.

Will Lamar stick around to fix his marriage? Tune in to Part 3 on Saturday at 9/8c.