2016 BWIH Award Winner Nina Shaw on How to Diversify Hollywood

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The revered and veteran entertainment lawyer Nina Shaw accepted the Power Award with gratitude at the ninth annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Award® ceremony, and delivered an important call to action for women in the industry.

"Don't settle for 'we need to do better' as the answer," Nina said. "There must be real dialogue of how we intend to do better."

In response to the dearth of opportunity and recognition for people of color in the entertainment industry, there has been a resounding cry in the lead up to the 2016 Academy Awards® to institute real and lasting change. Rather than accepting what has become status quo, Nina encouraged people—especially her female colleagues—to lead by example.

"So, how can we use our power for change?" she said. "If you are a woman who wants to be empowered, then empower other women."