3 Human-Trafficking Survivors Share Their Stories

Season 1
Aired on 01/14/2017 | CC tv-14
Traumatizing more than 20 million victims worldwise, human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise. Yet, many people either misunderstand this heinous crime or are unaware of how close to home it hits.

Dr. Brook Bello started her organization, More Too Life, to help prevent human trafficking and to help survivors heal and restore their lives. A survivor herself, she hopes to shed a light on the root causes of human trafficking, such as incest, rape, molestation and poverty.

In this clip, three More Too Life mentees share their stories: Tiffany, who began self-medicating with drugs after being sexually abused as a child; Ber, who was molested at age 3; and Kim, who was coerced into sex trafficking by her boyfriend.

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