"Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth" Chapter 9 guest Bob Gamble from Munich, Germany

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Bob from Munich, Germany
While his wife, Gwen's question was about the ego, Bob wanted to ask about a specific passage from A New Earth: "Fulfilling your primary purpose is laying the foundation for a new reality, a new earth. Once that foundation is there, your external purpose becomes charged with spiritual power because your aims and intentions will be one with the evolutionary impulse of the universe."

"What is the 'evolutionary impulse of the universe'?" Bob said.

Eckhart said that it means the growth of consciousness, which can also be called the spirit. This can be seen in the rising of awareness. Eckhart cited the expression "as above, so below" to explain how we interact with the universe.

"Whatever happens here on this planet and in the human form will be reflected throughout the universe," Eckhart said. "These are universal movements."

We all stem from a universal source or power of energy, which some consider to be God or a higher consciousness, Oprah added, summarizing Eckhart's thoughts.

"When you tap into the part of you that we're calling consciousness or presence or inner purpose, when you tap into that—that is connected to the source of all universal power and energy," Oprah said.

She added that when you connect to that part of you, your "aims and intentions" will be one with what all universal power and energy is striving for. This objective would be for the consciousness to come through you as a human being.

"The impulse of the universe is to support you, and you bringing about your higher consciousness," Oprah said. "That's why you're here."