Gwen Gamble, Bob Gamble and son

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Gwen Provided This Update:
I would say that the experience of participating in the webcast resonates in me with the idea of being present. At the time all this happened, we had school-age children. I think reading and relating the lessons learned helped me be a better parent and raise healthier people. I never cease to be impressed with the thinking and conversation my children can have with my husband and me. This is because we learned the importance of being present. I believe that because we were open to the lessons presented by Eckhart, we became better parents.

I also know that reading his book made me more interested in further reading and experiences that promote living a contented life. I am much more comfortable in being alone, I enjoy meditation and yoga, and I live a healthier life. I try not to let other people upset me, and truly want to bring happiness to everyone. Also, I must say that I no longer procrastinate as much, and I am so much better at identifying the trouble and releasing what we cannot control, so healing can focus on those things that we can change in ourselves. I choose to be happy!