"Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth" Chapter 5 guest Ros Gardner

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Ros Provided This Update:
We discussed how to honor the memory of a loved one who had died and we miss, without adding to our pain-body. Eckhart recommended that I be aware of an excessive amount of pain and anger that could arise, and that I should allow mourning to happen but watch what the mind was doing. He said that underneath the sadness was still some peace that came with the acceptance of the emotion. ... Oprah added that when somebody you love dies, you have an extra angel to guide you—this was something that really resonated with me because it's something that I truly believe in too. The peace that comes with acceptance has helped me in many more situations since speaking with Eckhart and reading the book, as I find that if my mind turns to negative thoughts, I tend to immediately become aware of it and try and deal with it more positively. After all, worry is simply repetitive negative thought.

How has my life changed?

Eckhart has given me tools to help deal with everyday occurrences (e.g., being stuck in traffic). Instead of finding myself frustrated, as I used to be, I now try to become more present by turning up whatever music I may be listening to or focusing on any trees or plants that are nearby and appreciating them. As corny as it sounds, it dissipates any negatives that might feed the pain-body, and I'm just a happier soul. So if I'm happier, hopefully I spread that around to the people I meet. Mind you, there are times when I get too "busy" to remember to be more in the present moment, and that's when I find I'll not notice or forget something, but I'm still a work in progress as I age, although I'm definitely more chilled.