"Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth" Chapter 5 guest Judy Ison

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Judy from Columbia, South Carolina
The email Judy sent Oprah and Eckhart concerned the pain-body.

"Could you talk a bit about alcohol and drug abuse and the pain-body? Is this an attempt at escape from the pain-body?"

According to Eckhart, this kind of abuse often stems from not wanting to feel the pain anymore, because in some people, the pain-body is active nearly all the time. It can be so dreadful to live with that these people tend to look for an escape.

"The pain-body loves it, but it makes your life more and more miserable," Eckhart said.

Eckhart added that people with a heavy pain-body also have a great chance of awakening. When life becomes unbearable because you are creating so much pain, the desire to break out of the misery is much greater than a normal person's. Eckhart compared it to dreaming: If you're having a pleasant dream, you don't mind continuing to dream. However, if it's a nightmare, you want to awaken from that.

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