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Lorraine Provided This Update:
Oprah's series with Eckhart Tolle was a revelation, a rebirth of sorts, although I only got as far as the "birthing channel" during the series. The rebirth held yet many twists and turns.

Having been basically adrift since I was 15 years old, I wasn't too wise to the ways of the world, much less the world of Eckhart Tolle. My tenderness and naïvety were used and abused over the years. I just didn't have enough life skills and defenses. All I knew was very hard work, school, loyalty and doing my best. ... Like a fish out of water, I flipped and flopped through life.

Oprah did such a fantastic job of bringing the best out in Eckhart Tolle; I doubt I could have understood his books in any other way. She has tremendous talent for asking the right questions.

I came to realize that there were millions of people in the world who were lost! They needed guidance. I finally had a tribe of "defective people" who wanted to do and be better.

However, the lessons could not be learned overnight. To this day, I am practicing:

(1) NOW. Living in the now, today, in the moment and appreciating all there is about the now.

(2) Energy. Everything on earth is energy. It's up to me to control my "brand" of energy in order to attract the people and things I want. The way the world is is the way my world is on the inside. The world on the inside affects what I see, whom I meet, what I do and how I respond. (I was fortunate enough to have had my question answered on the show, though I didn't quite get the answer at the time.)

(3) Letting go of negativity. What a slow process this is because the mind has learned to "gnaw" on the negativity, creating "grooves" in our psyche. In order to change energy, that negativity must be eliminated.

(4) The key lesson: Acceptance that I am a worthy and valuable part of the human race, not a defective one, is a full-on experience, not an intellectual exercise, as Eckhart had said over and over again. To this day, that journey remains ongoing.