"Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth" Chapter 6 guest Danielle McCormick

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Danielle from Dublin, Ireland
Danielle had been practicing to stay in the present for more than three years when she spoke with Eckhart over Skype.

"My ego keeps on telling me, 'If you get rid of your ego, you will lose the world as you know it,'" Danielle said. "'You will lose your relationships with the friends you've built up for years ... and you'll be isolated from the rest of society because they are all living in the ego.' How can I overcome this?"

Eckhart told Danielle that even though the thoughts were crossing her mind, it didn't necessarily mean they were telling her the truth. Eckhart said she needed to ask herself if this was her ego trying to stop her from being present by telling her that life wouldn't be fun anymore.

"If you've been practicing being present, then you realize it's actually quite joyful to be fully open to the present moment," Eckhart said. "It doesn't take away from the fun of being alive. It actually makes you more intensely alive when you are fully present in the now rather than always looking to some next moment that's going to be better than this one."

However, Danielle was still worried that some of her friendships were bound up with ego, and she felt she was expected to act the same way she always had. Oprah responded by saying that becoming more aware and letting go of the ego also might mean letting go of some of the things that bring a false sense of happiness.

Eckhart added another thought: "Usually it happens that some of your friends will actually join you and also grow in presence and awaken, and others may drop away who are not ready yet."

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