Email from "Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth" Chapter 6 guest Lorraine Arams

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Lorraine from Vancouver, British Columbia
Lorraine wanted to ask Eckhart about a persistent problem in her life. In an email, she wrote: "I attract negativity. It seems that my whole world is one big fight. I just want people to stop instigating fights with me. I don't deliberately go out and begin conflict, but it comes to me. I hate it. I just want peace. What's the problem?"

Eckhart responded by saying that the things we frequently experience externally are just a reflection of our inner state.

"You attract certain things into your life that reflect your state of consciousness," Eckhart said. "So for Lorraine, it's very important to become much more aware of whatever state she is in at any given moment."

Eckhart added that there are two sides to our inner state: the emotional aspect and the mental aspect. Individuals can observe the mental aspect by noticing what kind of thoughts their mind is producing and whether they're negative ones.

"What is my state at this moment?" Eckhart said. "That is a good question to ask yourself."

However, he advised that Lorraine do this not when she was in a fight or being challenged but rather in average moments. Her normal state of consciousness was creating these negative events in her life, and it was more important for her to look at her consciousness instead of whatever was happening outside of her. Eckhart exhorted her to be vigilant and leave little notes and reminders to remain conscious of her internal state.

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