Vineyards of Hunter Valley

The Vineyards
One of Australia's oldest and most well-known wine regions, Hunter Valley is home to some of the world's finest wines, including Shiraz. The vineyards were first created in the 1830s,and have grown immensely since. Ultimate Viewers soaked in the wine country and its picturesque vineyards.
Hot air balloon over Hunter Valley

What better way to take in the sights than in a hot air balloon? Gliding above the beautiful landscape was especially difficult for Collette, an Ultimate Viewer from New York City, who had a fear of heights. When she was younger, she feared crossing bridges and riding in elevators, but this experience changed her forever. "I can do anything after this—this just really releases me," Collette says. "If you have any limitation, this just helps you to see that you can do anything—anything's possible. This whole trip is an impossible dream—but I'm awake!"

While in the hot air balloons, Ultimate Viewers could see kangaroos hopping in the lush green grasses. Hunter Valley is known for having an array of wildlife, including kookaburras, wallabies and many species of birds.
Jennifer, an Ultimate Viewer

For Jennifer, an Ultimate Viewer from New Jersey, her experience in Hunter Valley brought her to new heights. She's ever-grateful for the vacation of a lifetime. "Who would have thought ... I take care of two little babies all day long, and I'm a soccer mom," Jennifer says. "I just never thought I'd be treated like this."