The Gabarnmung Rock Shelter

Photo: Adrian Buitenhuis, Emma Masters and Peter Carty

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The Gabarnmung Rock Shelter, owned by the Jawoyn tribe of Australia’s Northern Territory, is covered with Aboriginal art paintings dating back 35,500 years. Only 26 non-indigenous visitors have ever been invited into this sacred space, a naturally formed temple nestled into a sandstone formation.

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In spring 2010, Margaret Katherine, a Jawoyn tribal elder and traditional owner of the land on which the Gabarnmung rock shelter rests, took the extraordinary step of inviting a team of the world's top archaeologists and rock art experts to explore the cave and its paintings along with a trusted documentary crew filming Spirits in the Stone.

This side view of Gabarnmung shows where the main archaeological dig is taking place. The ceiling of this gallery is covered with thousands of paintings and the massive overhang is supported by slender sandstone pillars.