Sandra before and after losing 106 pounds

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At 40 years old, working mother Sandra was 5'2" and weighed 240 pounds. "I was an emotional eater," she says. "I wanted to be a better mother. I wanted to be a better employee. I wanted to be a better wife. So when I felt like I fell short of my own expectations, I would eat."

After experiencing an extreme panic attack at work, Sandra went to the doctor who warned her that her high-stress job, fast food habit and lack of exercise could lead to an early death. She knew she had to get healthier, but says that she hated working out—especially because of the pain she had experienced as a result of her large chest.

Then, Sandra heard about the Enell sports bra that Oprah loves, bought one for herself and was ready to take the leap. Soon after that, Sandra—who used to roller-skate competitively as a teenager—decided to take up ice-skating after being inspired by women she saw skating at the ice rink where her children played hockey. "I was still pretty heavy, but I just started small and built over time," she says.

To date, Sandra has lost 106 pounds, and last month she even competed in the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships in Salt Lake City, placing third in her event.

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