Phaedra e-mailed The Oprah Winfrey Show to explain her own experience with drinking and driving. "[Tracey's] DUI could have happened to me and any one of my suburban mom friends," Phaedra wrote. "All desperate housewives need an occasional night out to unwind from the sippy cups, from the poop and the timeouts." So she and her friends get together every once in a while to have "a glass of wine, maybe two," and then they drive home from each other's houses.

Phaedra thought she knew her limit, but now she wonders where to draw the line. "We're not getting drunk, you know? We're having a glass of wine and getting together and socializing. Where is [the cutoff]? Is it none? Is it one?"

"Well, for me [the cutoff] will be any," Tracey answers. "I think that you can't make that judgment [once you start drinking], you know? I never in a million years would have thought that my blood-alcohol level would have been that [high]."

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