Tracey Gold and Oprah

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Oprah: My next question to you is, How many times has this problem shown itself to you in other areas and you didn't respond? Because my theory is…you've heard a whisper, you've had a message. … If you don't get the whisper, you get a little pebble upside the head, you get a brick, you get a brick wall, and then you get the whole wall falling down. This is your wall. But I know, just as anybody else who's watching here, for this to happen in your life this way means it's been whispering to you. It's been coming. It's been coming in other forms you did not pay attention to. And this is what it took for you to pay attention.

Tracey: Absolutely. And I agree with you…I live my life that way. Things don't just happen out of the blue. It's not a rock falling from the sky. It happens for a reason. [This happened from] not allowing my [inner] voice to sort of just speak for myself. … I really, really get it now. My inner instincts, my inner voice, they're good.