A drunk driving accident teaches Tracey Gold a life lesson.

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Tracey says this episode was "the lowest point of my life and I've always been a really sort of optimistic person who tries to see things, you know, clearly and see things that they can turn out okay. And I'm always proud of who I am. All of a sudden I felt so much shame.…

"It goes back to my anorexia," she says. "It didn't affect anyone else but me, and I was only hurting myself. This felt like I was at a different stage in my life and here I am: I am a mother and I've put myself in this situation where I'm arrested; I've put my children in jeopardy."

That, Tracey says, is the worst thing about her actions. "You know, a DUI is not the worst thing," she says. "Hurting somebody you love is the worst thing."