Valerie Bertinelli says she hopes her book will help other women.

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For years, Valerie says she tried to hide the real issues in her life. Now, she says writing her book, Losing It, helped her grow as a person. "I can't hide anymore," she says. "And unless I verbal vomit it out, then I don't feel like I'm going to be able to change."

Valerie hopes her book will help other women confront the issues in their own lives. "I really don't think my story is that unusual. ... If it's not the weight, it's the marriage. If it's not the marriage, it's raising a boy," she says.

Oprah says Valerie's book will show anyone who reads it that she is just like them—a real person. "Nobody is living the life that you think they are behind closed doors," Oprah says. "We're all the same."

When asked for a statement about Valerie's book, Eddie Van Halen's publicist said he has no comment.