Valerie Bertinelli

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Now that she's lost 40 pounds, we recently visited Valerie and her boyfriend, Tom, at home to see how they're staying healthy.

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When Valerie wants a snack, she reaches for a hard-boiled egg. When she has a sweet tooth, Valerie reaches for a sugar-free Jell-O and adds a squirt of fat-free whipped cream. "It feels so decadent," she says. Valerie even keeps ice cream in her freezer—100-calorie Slim-A-Bear bars.

Next to those sweet treats, of course, are plenty of Jenny Craig™ meals, but she hasn't thrown out all her boxes of poppers. "I think sometimes I need to be reminded not to eat unconsciously and not to eat emotionally."

Together, Tom and Valerie walk at least a mile outside and wear weight vests to burn extra calories. "As a woman, you always want to get your man alone so you can talk to him," Valerie says. "Well, for that mile we're walking around, we have really good talks."