Rabbi Shmuley takes the Moors to SeaWorld on a special mission to get past the day that crushes Carolyn every single year—the anniversary of Chad's death near Valentine's Day. "It may seem superficial to force them to have fun today," he says, "but there's a method to my madness."

Rabbi Shmuley starts by laying down the rules—he wants Carolyn to do something she hasn't done in six years. "No mentioning Dad today," he says. "Dad is an integral part of life, but he's in the heart. He doesn't have to be talked about all the time. ... We're going to just have a really good time—a fun, joyous day with a family that celebrates life."

The family straps on their earpieces so Rabbi Shmuley can give them play-by-play instructions and encourage Carolyn to have fun with her daughters. At the end of the day, the girls tell Rabbi Shmuley they've enjoyed seeing their mom happy.

This Valentine's Day trip was a breakthrough for Carolyn and she's since started choosing happiness. "We're not tragic," she says. "I'm not only a single mom but I'm also a widow and I'm doing all of this all by myself. ... I'm consciously making the choices to be present every day with my daughters and be an inspiration to them."