Oprah and her producers have been looking back at their most memorable show moments—but Oprah says it's time to come clean about one huge oversight. "It is my duty to set things right," Oprah says.

On April 14, 2011, The Oprah Show bestowed its Laugh Out Loud (Lolly) award for the funniest moment in show history. "That night I got a frantic call from Gayle King, who has watched every Oprah Show since we started 25 years ago. She said there had been a terrible miscarriage of justice," Oprah says. "I think she might have been correct because she said, 'You forgot to include one of the all-time funniest moments.'"

That moment was the “goth mom makeover“ prank. Mastermind Jamie Kennedy posed as an off-the-wall stylist who turned a mom named Sue into a leather-clad, black-lipsticked wonder. "How could we have forgotten this?" Oprah says.

Watch the prank

Though Sue got a real makeover after Jamie's prank, Oprah has asked Sue back to the show to make things right. "I want to right an egregious wrong and present you with our honorary Oprah Show Lolly Award titled 'OMG Oh My Goth,'" Oprah says.

Sue thanks Oprah and says she's still recognized from that show. "It's been amazing," Sue says. "My husband and I worked in Kuwait for four and a half years and people would call me in Kuwait and say, 'I was watching Oprah last night. By any chance were you ever in a makeover show?'"


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