Do You Believe in Miracles?
Millions of people have flocked to Abadiania, a remote town in Brazil, in search of a miracle. They came with every kind of ailment you can imagine—cancer, arthritis, depression—all to see one man: John of God.

Some believed John of God, a simple farmer with no medical degree and little education, was a medium who channeled the spirits of more than 30 dead doctors and saints to bring physical and spiritual healing. While in Brazil, Oprah's team watched as John of God performed surgeries seemingly without anesthesia or sterilization.

In 2011, Oprah spoke with skeptics and believers alike. "We're bringing you stories of some of the most extraordinary, unexplained phenomena in modern history," Oprah said. "Be your own judge."

Watch as John of God performs physical and "invisible" surgeries Watch  

How O magazine's editor-in-chief Susan Casey felt after meeting the spiritual healer Watch