Marie and Donny Osmond

The night before they appear in front of a live studio audience on the Oprah show Over 100 Osmonds Reunite on Our Stage, Marie and Donny Osmond give their medley a dry run.
Donny Osmond

Donny continues rehearsing as crew members prepare the stage for the taping.
Marie gets a hair touchup during a break.

During a break, Marie has her hair touched up while Oprah goes over the show plan with Tara, one of the Oprah Show producers.
Marie, Tara and Donny

Tara consults with Donny and Marie about the show.
Marie and Oprah

Marie shares a laugh with someone in the audience while Oprah holds on to her brand new doll.
Marie, Donny and Merrill

Marie and Donny check their pitch before joining their family in singing their signature sign-off song, "May Tomorrow Be a Perfect Day."
Oprah and the Osmonds

The Osmond clanmore than 100 people!gather on the Oprah Show stage after the show. Oprah holds Ivy, one of the littlest Osmonds, while everyone lines up for a family portrait.
Osmond 2ndG

The sons of Alan Osmond, a member of the original Osmond Brothers, have formed a group of their own, known as The OsmondsSecond Generation, or Osmond 2ndG. In memory of their grandfather, they take the stage after the show to sing "I May Never Pass This Way Again."

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Oprah, Donny and Marie

After the show, Donny and Marie present Oprah with her very own family tree, going back four generations. "Just as a little reminder of where we come from, because it's so important to know our origins and the people who sacrificed so much for us to be where we are here today," Donny says.
Oprah and Mrs. Duncan

When Oprah was in the fourth grade in Nashville, Tennessee, her teacher, Mrs. Mary Duncan, made a lifelong impression. In 1989, Oprah got a big surprise when Mrs. Duncan visited her on the show!

Almost 20 years later, Mrs. Duncan returns to the Oprah Show to visit her famous former student and talk to her after the show. "The fourth grade was the beginning of learning for me. You instilled such a love of learning for me," Oprah says.

"This is such a blessing to be with you," Mrs. Duncan says. "I'm so proud of you."