What To Do if Your Car Brakes Go Out

If you're flying down the freeway and suddenly your brakes go out, would you know how to stop the car? You never know when having some extra information in your back pocket will come in handy. This is one way to get the job done:

  • Put on your emergency flashers and honk your horn to let other drivers know that they should get out of the way.
  • Try to work your car to the right lane, toward the shoulder of the road.
  • Try downshifting to lower gears. Doing this should slow the momentum of the car down to a speed where you can apply the emergency brake.
  • Only apply the emergency brake if you are going under 25 miles per hour. Anything above that speed could cause the car to lock up and spin out of control.
  • If you have a cellular phone, call the police and let them know your whereabouts. They might be able to come to your aid and help you stop your vehicle.
Please note: If you have access to a phone, always call 911 for assistance. The information regarding safety and survival tips are suggestions only. There is no guarantee that these suggested techniques will prevent injury or death.


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