Dr. Ned Hallowell, psychiatrist and author of Dare to Forgive, says Kent's ability to forgive is remarkable. "It's a gift he gives to himself, that he will see his son off to his death loving him rather than hating him," he says. "That's so much better, and it takes such courage."

Kent says resolving to forgive Bart has helped him heal. "The wonderful thing is, if you do take that choice and you do choose to forgive, changes come in you, and that's when you're really able to start healing," he says. "I can tell you, I would never be where I am now if I had not made that choice in the hospital that night."

Although grieving is painful, Kent says forgiveness is the light at the end of the tunnel. "I'd hate to waste all that pain ending up on the other end after having gone through the grieving with still that bitterness of spirit," he says. "I wanted to get through that hard time and know that there's still life out there—and I'm excited about it."

If you have someone in your own life to forgive, read and watch Dr. Hallowell's four steps to forgiveness. Watch