The Whitaker family (left to right) Bart, Kent, Trisha, Kevin

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Friends say Kent and Tricia Whitaker had one of the kindest families you could ever hope to know. Their house in Sugar Land, Texas, was a gathering spot for friends of their sons—smart, athletic Bart and outgoing, popular Kevin.

On December 10, 2003, the Whitakers returned home from a dinner celebrating Bart's graduation from Sam Houston State University. When they opened the door, Tricia and Kevin were immediately shot in their chests by a gunman inside the house. Kent ran to the door to see what happened and was shot in the shoulder. Then Bart ran into the living room and was shot too.

Neighbors and a wounded Bart called 911. Tricia and Kevin died from their wounds; Bart and Kent survived and were hospitalized for four days. While he was in the hospital, just hours after the attack, Kent promised himself that he would forgive the person who killed his wife and son.

Lisa Ling went to Texas to report on this case.