Oprah and Gayle

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After nine days on the road, Gayle still hadn't stopped singing. Oprah said that after three hours of listening to Gayle sing, she had to take drastic measures and call in a professional. Oprah got on a walkie-talkie and contacted a member of her security team.

Oprah: When we get to Cincinnati, can you get me a helmet? I'm not kidding.

Security: Can you say that one more time, ma'am? You want us to pick you up a what?

Oprah: Can you buy me a football helmet, please?

Security: Yes, ma'am. Which team would you like?

Oprah: No, it's just a helmet so I don't have to listen to this God blessed music anymore. I'm not kidding. I would like a football helmet. I've got earplugs. I've got earphones. I'm going to put on plugs and a helmet. That's the only thing that can help me.

Security: 10-4. I'll pick you up one.

Thankfully, it was almost time for a lunch break. Oprah and Gayle used their car's OnStar system to find the closest Cracker Barrel restaurant and chowed down with the crew before hitting the road again.