Gayle, Trooper Buddy and Oprah

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Oprah and Gayle spent the night in Chattanooga and prepared themselves for a long day of driving. There were no scheduled stops on day nine, but as they soon learned, you never know what can happen on America's highways!

For the past week, Oprah, Gayle and their production crew had driven almost 3,000 miles without any incidents. Then, while en route to Cincinnati, Ohio, a Kentucky state patrolman stopped the lead car in their caravan. "The rest of us pulled over, too, because we had a pact—stick together, no matter what," Oprah says. "But, the patrolman didn't know that."

"I didn't pull you over," the patrolman yelled at Oprah and Gayle. "Get off of my highway!"

"We're with The Oprah Show doing a shoot," Gayle said.

"Oh, my goodness," he said as he leaned into their car. "Hi, my name is Buddy Carey. It's very nice to meet you. ... I've got Oprah Winfrey and 35 cameras. This is not what happens every day, folks. That's for sure."